What is a scrap?  A little bit of yarn, or food; a wee piece of fabric;  a small item or thought; maybe even a minor disagreement... What do we do with those scraps?  It's convenient to throw it away, get new stuff.  But think of it this way; if you could find a use for those bits, how… Continue reading Scraps


It’s Time to Meet your Master

Nine Inch Nails has a song, "Meet Your Master", from the Year Zero album.  That collection of songs tells a story of a dystopian future, and with so many cuts to organizations which provide real support for our citizens, it feels too relevant. A person on Twitter, Daniel Enright, posted a conversation between himself and… Continue reading It’s Time to Meet your Master


Not long ago, I read a discussion about mom-shaming on Twitter.  Today, I discovered a monologue in my Facebook Memories about a different kind of parent-shaming, and since Autism Awareness Day isn't that far gone, now's a good time to return.  This writing merges experiences from several families and several different years, including mine. (spoiler… Continue reading Shaming